◆  Size: 6”-12 1/4”

◆  Executive standard: API Spec 7-1

Downhole Tools >> Steel Body PDC Bits



Use high-quality steel as the base material of the bit, overlaying welded high performance wear resistant materials on surface of blade. Using high-quality high arc PDC multiple-piece gauge protection can reduce the wear of the rock to bit body, and greatly increase the wear-resistant and stability of bit gauge protection.

Apply the fluid dynamics analysis and numerical simulation technology into the design of the hydraulic flow field, and the maximum flute area and nozzle design makes the rock carrying effect and water jet assisted rock breaking effect of the jet to be optimal, and can wash and cool the bit better.

 It is suitable for soft strata with low compressive strength and high drillability, such as Claystone, Marl, Lignite, Sandstone and so on.

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