◆  Size: 6”-9 1/2”

◆  Executive standard: API Spec 7-1

Downhole Tools >> Steel Body PDC Bits



Six-blade arc-type tooth distribution, the rational allocation of small-size PDC composite piece with different functions, can make the bit have strong offensive and anti-abrasive performances. Using high-quality high arc PDC multiple-piece gauge protection can reduce the wear of the rock to bit body, and greatly increase the wear-resistant and stability of bit gauge protection. 

The high wear-resistant PDC composite pieces with brazed a specific angle, in case of drilling resistance, as well as back reaming at easy-to reducing well section, can effectively remove obstacles and protect the bit body.

 It is suitable for soft to medium soft formation with low compressive strength, and uniform interlayer, such as clay, marl, lignite, sandstone, anhydrite, tuff and so on.

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